AngelBonnets™ Double Layered and Satin Lined Fleece Neck Warmer


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AngelBonnets™  Double Layered or Satin Lined Fleece Neck Warmer keeps you warm and toasty in cold weather. Wear just around your neck or pull it up over your nose to stay snuggly warm. Easier to wear and manage than a scarf. Tuck it in underneath your coat for maximum warmth and minimum drafts. Order by head/hat size. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle with like colors. For best results, do not wash or dry with towels or other items that produce lots of lint. Tumble dry low and promptly remove from dryer.

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Kids S 2 yrs 19 inch, Kids M 3 to 5 yrs 20 inch, Kids L 6 to 10 yrs 21 inch, Adult S 22 inch Mens 7 to 7 1/4, Adult M 23 inch Mens 7 3/8 to 7 1/2, Adult L 24 inch Mens 7 5/8 to 8

Outside Color

Sox Pennant/Caps/Logos, Pink Ribbons, Camouflage, Bulls, Cubs, Bears, Sox Squares, Pokemon, Marines, Love Dots, Leopard, Cross Stitched Hugs and Kisses, Hearts and Arrows, Soccer, Pink Garden

Inside color

Black Satin, White Satin, Red Satin, Navy Satin, Magenta Satin, Black Fleece, White Fleece, Red Fleece, Pink Fleece


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