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Nicole G.

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I love my bonnet. It is so silky and the adjustable strings are so useful. I am also a really big fan of zebra print, so that's a bonus. Overall, I absolutely love it and wear it every night. I would definitely recommend it to people. Nicole G.

October 25, 2015

Have you struggled to find a bonnet that stays on your head all night or a shower cap that really keeps all of your hair dry?™ slumber and shower bonnets were especially designed with you in mind.

All AngelBonnets™ are reversible and may be worn with either side out. 

AngelBonnets™ make it easy to protect your hair every night. The satin tie combines fabric with elastic so you get the most comfortable fit from the very first time you wear your AngelBonnet™. Follow the steps below to insure the perfect fit.

  1. Place the bonnet on your head.
  2. If the bonnet is too loose, untie the satin bow tie and pull the satin bow tie tighter adjusting the fit to your comfort. It’s as easy as adjusting your shoelaces. Then, re-tie the bow.
  3. If the satin bow tie is too tight, release the satin bow tie and gently loosen taking care not to pull the satin bow tie tips into the tie casing through the tie holes. Then, re-tie the bow.  Note: The tips of the satin bow ties are knotted to help keep them from pulling inside the casing. Vigorous loosening may result in the satin bow tie pulling inside the casing.

All hair types may benefit from protection against friction, especially while sleeping.  AngelBonnets™ charmeuse satin hair bonnets protect naturally straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, kinky hair, locked hair and all hair types in between against breakage, loss of moisture and split ends. Let an AngelBonnet™ watch over your hair tonight. AngelBonnets™ are Your Hair’s Guardian Angel™.



Back in February of 2015, my daughter, Angelina, told me she’d been unsuccessful finding a comfortable (and durable) bonnet to protect her hair at night. By that time, she’d been natural for three and a half years and for the majority of that time was covering her hair with beauty supply store bought scarves, wraps and bonnets that were either very thin, poorly made, not durable, uncomfortable or a combination of those issues.

Angelina came to me specifically because I have a long history of sewing and pattern design. I’ve been sewing since I was a child. My mother, Barbara, first taught me to make doll clothes for fun. I used to design my own patterns and sew my own clothes when I was younger and I still do on occasion. When my children were younger, I would also sew their clothes rather than buy them. Home sewn clothes can have such a unique flair and the girls enjoyed their special matching outfits. I’ll post some pictures after I sort through the many pictures accumulated over the years.


Now in my second career as a nurse, my first was as a U.S. Marine, Angelina asked if I could take some time out to come up with a bonnet designed specifically for her needs and that is how™ was born. Entrepreneurship runs in the family. My father, James Buchanan, was a machinist and Tiny Machine was his business. I remember my mother typing on a manual typewriter in the “shop” office.

James Buchanan at Tiny Machine

This has been an unexpected, but enjoyable and rewarding journey. My mother, Barbara Buchanan, lost her battle to cancer on October 28, 2013. When my mother died, I briefly lost my footing. I felt like the person who loved me the longest and the most was gone. My mother was my best friend. Diving back into sewing after a hiatus has brought back many fond memories and uniquely reconnected me to my mother through sewing and to my father in launching a small business. My father, James Buchanan, lost his battle to cancer in February 2000. He died at home surrounded by a loving family as did my mom. I have fully committed myself to™ and I look forward to making a bonnet especially for you!

Pictures of  a christening gown I made recently:

20160401_081432 20160401_081545 20160401_081800 20160401_081519

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Satin Zebra Black/Cream AngelBonnet provides my hair with the ultimate protection from breakage and frizzing while maintaining moisture.


Angelina Dallas, TX July 10, 2015